Since I was a little boy growing up in Brooklyn New York, art was my passion. I use to go to the Saturday art school at Pratt Institute, and then go to my seventh grade art teacher's house, Ms. Ellen Kuenzel in Brooklyn Heights. Ms. Kuenzel would give me art lessons and talk to me about art.  This is where I really understood what it meant to have a career in arts and how I could continue to use my imagination.  At the time I was copying mostly comics, but soon I was creating my own super heroes and characters. After more than twenty years of being an artist, I decided to further develop and focus on my personal work.

I am a traditional portrait painter. I would like each painting to be an intimate portrait that tells a small story of my subject’s personality.  I would like to make a connection with the human condition.

I have always been attracted to fantasy art.  Fantasy art is a combination of myth and reality. I am interested in using this style to create portraits of genre scenes.  I use color and light source in my compositions depict an imaginative environment and existence for the figures. I paint my figures in a natural realistic style.  I use oil as my main medium, but also use a variety of techniques such as, acrylic, colored pencils and pastels.